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Topher Horn is an award-winning composer and producer based in the Hudson Valley, NY.

Rooted in a mix of analog and digital machines paired with traditional instrumentation and found sounds, his output traverses the worlds of ambient, house, and contemporary classical.


His original music, productions, and remixes have been released on Rocksteady Disco, DADO Records, Yore Records, Shadeleaf, Stillmusic, Fat Finger Cosmic, and Soundhitectures.


His score for Main Street (dir. Joshua Woodcock) won best score at the 2021 Lonely Wolf International Film Festival and the 2021 LA Cinematography Awards. Other recent festival appearances include the Indie Shorts Awards Cannes, Venice Shorts, Tokyo International, Paris, and Nashville film festivals. In addition to film scores he has been tapped to provide soundtracks for television and dance projects, along with advertisements for global brands such as Audi, BMW, Coca-Cola, Porsche, Samsung, and Volkswagen.

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